To participate in the summer reading program, you’ll need to sign up for an account. You can do that over on the registration page. Each participant will need to have his or her own email address–this is how you will receive notifications when you earn prizes. If you need to sign up for an email address, or if your family shares an email address, check out our email tips and tricks page.

When you sign up, you’ll create a username and password that you’ll use to sign in whenever you want to log your reading, write a review, or check on your prizes. If you had a username and password last year, you can use the same information this year, but you do not have to. You must still register for this year, even if you use the same username as last year. You’ll also need to decide which grand prize drawing you’d like to enter. You can earn more than one grand prize entry through reading, but you can only be entered in the drawing for one of the grand prizes. There are four different ways to earn prizes this summer:

Prizes for Reading:
After you have registered, you can begin logging your reading for the summer. You can choose to record your reading in minutes or pages (1 page = 1 minute). As you accumulate minutes or pages, you’ll earn prizes, which include things like a book, a ring pop, and a free book from a friends of the library book sale. Here are the prize packs you can earn:

  • “BAM” Prize Pack: 8 hours (480 pages/minutes) of reading
  • “POW” Prize Pack: 20 hours (1200 pages/minutes) of reading
  • “WHAM” Prize Pack: 36 hours (2160 pages/minutes) of reading
  • “KAPOW” Prize Pack: 60 hours (3600 pages/minutes) of reading

The summer reading website will keep track of what you’ve earned and how far you have to go until your next prize. You can start picking up your prizes June 10.

Prizes for Writing Reviews:
You can also write reviews of the books you’ve read. These don’t have to be long. Just write what you would say to your friends about the book. Each review you write will enter you in a weekly drawing for a prize.

Grand Prizes:
As you read, you’ll also earn entries into the drawing for the grand prize you chose when you registered. You will earn one entry for every 16 hours (960 pages/minutes) you read, up to a maximum of three entries per person. We will draw winners for these prizes at the end of the summer. You can choose to enter for one of these three prizes:

Google Nexus 7
$100 Barnes & Noble gift card
$100 Amazon gift card

Participation Prizes:
At the end of the summer, we will also hold drawings for participation prizes. Anyone who has logged reading time over the course of the summer will be entered in drawings to win a variety of prizes.

Claiming Your Prizes:
If you’ve earned or won a prize, we’ll contact you to let you know that you’ve won! You can pick up your prize at the location you specified when you registered: either the Olathe Main Library or the Indian Creek Branch Library. Prizes for reviews are awarded on a first-come first-served basis, so make sure to come in soon after you receive your prize notification for the best selection. Prizes earned by reading or in review drawings must be claimed by August 20th. The last day to log your reading or submit reviews for prize drawings is August 12th.

Make sure you log out of your summer reading account when you’re done, especially if you’re on a public computer!

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